Breeding Biology

Information on successful breeding enables us to understand how an organism can adapt to its environment. The impact of potential threats such as climate change, habitat degradation and urbanisation on avian productivity and survival can be deduced through the study of breeding biology and how these factors in turn drive population trends.

To study this dynamics, I have selected paddy and coffee agro-ecosystems in Wayanad district and started monitoring breeding cycles of different species of birds since 1998. I found that many species in the Rallidae family are adapting to paddy-agro ecosystems. The results of these studies have been noteworthy. Many species are trying to adapt to the changing environment in extraordinary ways, but at the end, however, unable to survive due to the rapid pace of human induced changes. This calls for developing inclusive strategies with the farmers, for species retaining/recovery programmes. I also studied about which bird

species are beneficial to farmers in an agro-ecosystem so that a better co-existence strategy could be developed for species conservation in such agro-ecosystems. A few of my publications in this topic are given here.

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